Misery Loves Co.

We love reading “top” lists. Top ten restaurant, top places for cocktails, must eats, must visits….best of…..we usually spend time scouring the internet for suggestions prior to travelling. When something comes up multiple times on different lists…..it’s a no brainer… It’s probably great. Obviously, this restaurant was one that came up on multiple sources as … Continue reading Misery Loves Co.

Craft Beer Cellar

We only went in to look. They had such an amazing selection of craft beer…..so many were boasting of different flavors. We just couldn’t resist. The beer cans are getting some amazing designs too these days. Mmmmm fruity beers….I hope not too sweet. The shop owner raved about the green can..mojito beer, I’m excited about … Continue reading Craft Beer Cellar

Ben and Jerry’s

Did you know that Ben and Jerry’s started in Vermont with their amazing dairy? We took a trip to their plant. Best selling international flavour: Cookie dough…most popular in the States: Half baked. The tour was simple….a quick 6 minute video and a 7 minute blurb on the production process and a 5 minute sampling … Continue reading Ben and Jerry’s

Stowe Pinnacle Trail

We weren’t sure if it would rain, but we took our chances and was blessed with great weather! The trail is about a 2-2.5 hr hike up to the summit, 1604 ft and 3.7 miles long. Other than incessant bugs all the way to the top (I inhaled two and spat them out) the trail … Continue reading Stowe Pinnacle Trail

Alchemist Brewery

The Heady Topper from this brewer is consistently reviewed as one to sit amongst the best beers in America. We tried it yesterday and loved this double IPA. The brewery looks more like a modern library/ gallery from the outside. They have amazing core values for their employees….insurance, paid paternal leave ….. Sustainable practices are … Continue reading Alchemist Brewery

Moss Glen Falls Trail

A short, easy reprieve from sitting/ driving for hours 😉 The trail is simple but offers the inklings that summer is just around the corner. Literally about a ten minute walk in….a family had two young children with flip flops….easy easy trail 🙂 Just follow the brook to the waterfall. Climb up this part. The … Continue reading Moss Glen Falls Trail